testimonials advanced TrainingARC has run its first CAST Terminal advanced training course and received great feedback from its participants.

The use of CAST on numerous international consulting projects demonstrated that CAST offers significantly more capability for modelling complex situations than can be included in the basic CAST training. Therefore in order to share this continuing experience, ARC has organized a CAST Terminal advanced training course which was joined by experienced CAST users from several major intenational airports.

The training gave deeper insight and advanced capabilities for use in simulation studies. This included methodology and best practice advice for the collection of input data, validation and cross-checks, model calibration, evaluation and interpretation of simulation results and much more. New CAST features were also explained in detail, including the integrated PaxGen, allocation modules and detailed security modelling capavilities.Additionally, participants got the opportunity to have user-driven workshops, where ARC's experts could give tailored advice and answer questions regarding client specific simulation tasks.

All participants appreciated the cooperative atmosphere, which allowed lively exchange of ideas and know-how with other participants.

Following the positive feedback, ARC will now offer this training in a regular base. The next CAST Terminal advanced training is planned to be held in ARC's headquarters in Aachen, Germany in October 2016.