SESAR members and partners recently came together at London Heathrow Airport to demonstrate the benefits offered by SESAR’s airport operations centre (APOC) through gaming techniques. Using a 3D CAST simulation of the airport, the APOC gaming exercise mimicked the airside and landside processes at Heathrow, allowing APOC stakeholders to test responses to new working procedures and disruptive operational events.

Feedback on this gaming exercise showed how effective this solution is for sharing a common situational awareness, making decisions collaboratively, thus improving the overall airport performance:

“The APOC gaming exercise exceeded my expectations in terms of the overwhelmingly positive response from representatives across the Heathrow stakeholder community, including operational front-line staff who took part in the exercise – colleagues from the APOC, NATS, British Airways and UK Border Force" said Andy Knight, ATM & Airside Development Manager. "It was clear that the gaming approach to validation provides an immense benefit in allowing each stakeholder to understand the impact of their decisions on other operational units. The powerful visualisation provided by the gaming platform provides an immediate and greatly enhanced situational awareness for stakeholders.”

Mark Burgess, Head of ATM & ATC, said: “At Heathrow we see many opportunities to deploy this technology to improve operations, to support training and to manage disruption. We want to do everything we can to encourage further development and bring these operational solutions to the market place.”

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