CAST Simulation

CAST is a high-performance 3D fast time simulation system for all airport processes:

icon cast terminal

CAST Terminal - Passenger movements inside the terminal
(check-in, security, passport, retail, waiting gate, baggage reclaim, customs...)

icon castairstr

CAST Aircraft - Aircraft traffic at and around the airport
(approach, landing, taxiing, turn-around, departure...)

icon castvehicle

CAST Vehicle - Vehicle and ground handling traffic
(curb side, busses, cargo and baggage transport, refueling, cleaning...)

CAST is the world-wide leading fast time simulation tool for modeling and evaluating airport-systems, -traffic and -processes. The usage of CAST reduces cost for investments and operations, speeds up decision making processes and supports smooth, safe and punctual operations. CAST is used for strategic planning of the infrastructure as well as for tactical or operational optimisation.

cast simulationBased on a modular simulation platform, CAST applications for the terminal, the aircraft traffic and the ground handling / vehicle traffic are available. All these applications can be utilised as stand-alone or combined into one simulation environment. Starting up with a basic simulation system, CAST can be extended and adapted.

CAST is based on multi-agent technology. Every passenger, vehicle or aircraft is an individual agent and able to react to the given situation according its individual goals, intentions and characteristics. As in reality all agents pass through optional or obligatory processes and services. The microscopic behavior includes an individual wayfinding / routing as well as ‘collision avoidance’ and 'conflict resolution' considering priority rules and restrictions.

In addition to the 3D simulation environment, comprehensive modules for realistic traffic generation, allocation, communication, and analysis have been integrated into CAST:

  • Pax-Load-Generator
    (schedule based generation of passenger load)
  • Aircraft Load / Traffic Generator
    (schedule based generation of aircraft load and ground handling traffic)
  • Terminal / Pedestrian Simulation
    (including check-in and gate allocation)
  • Vehicle Traffic / Ground Handling Simulation
    (including vehicle dispositon system)
  • Aircraft Traffic Simulation
    (including dynamic routing and conflict resolution)
  • Aircraft Stand Allocation
    (including Gantt-Chart visualisation)
  • Log-Analyser
    (automated evaluation of simulation data)
  • Dashboard
    (online analysis and KPI visualisation)
  • Airport visualisation / Virtual Airport
    (3D visualisation of static and dynamic airport data)

Every CAST simulation component can be used stand alone or in combination with other modules. CAST is optimised to run on personal computers and no expensive simulation equipment is needed. All CAST software solutions are also provided for consulting services.

Many international airports and airport consultancies trust in CAST because it is the ideal tool to efficiently analyse, validate and optimise infrastructure investments as well as to identify measures that help to minimise operational costs and optimise airport processes. For more information see the clients or projects page or read our client testimonials.

Airport Research Center does not only sell the CAST software, but the inhouse team of aviation experts intensively uses CAST in international consulting projects to support and speed up decision making processes and to identify unique solutions in the scope of airport master planning, capacity assessment studies, validation of layout alternatives and optimisation of existing airport infrastructure and processes. For more information on consulting projects using CAST software please see the corresponding projects.

The CAST fast-time simulation tools is maintained and exploited by the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre (EEC) [EEC Fast Time Simulation Tools]