Client Testimonials

We would like to thank all our clients and partners for their contributions to the continued success of Airport Research Center GmbH and CAST. What our customers and partners say:


Impressive cost savings thanks to CAST

"By the use of the CAST Simulation model BAA was able to save 800,000GBP by the reconfiguration of the existing system instead of a more expensive expansion of the reclaim area at Stansted Airport."

Louise Hoyte, BAA, Great Britain


CAST - one of the most versatile pedestrian modelling tools

"CAST Terminal is one of the most versatile pedestrian modelling tools available, both analytically and visually."

Rob Whitehouse, Jacobs Consultancy, Great Britain


Realistic passenger behaviour and precise analysis

"Ricondo & Associates has fully integrated CAST Terminal software into many aspects of our terminal planning and programming process with great success.  The agent-based tracking of data, realistic passenger and pedestrian behavior characteristics and the support of dynamic visual outputs have elevated the precision of our analysis as well as the quality of product and level of understanding we are able to provide to our clients.  In addition to the many benefits the tool provides our practice on a daily basis, the ARC technical support staff and their response to our specific needs has been excellent."

Chad Townsend, Ricondo & Associates Inc., United States


Important input for the masterplan

"Applying the impressive CAST simulation software, it was possible to model OSL's complex and interrelated airside processes exactly in line with our given rules and operational concepts. ARC provided a detailed analysis of the systems, explaining cause and effect for current and future scenarios. The collaboration between our team was very efficient as well as pleasant. Meaningful presentations and 3D animations as well as productive meetings and discussions were part of the projects's success. All in all, the work with ARC took our understanding to a higher level and provided a reliable important input to the masterplan."

Kjell-Arne Sakshaug, Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Norway


CAST replaces existing simulation tools

"Before we acquired CAST, new challenges concerning the functional layout and geometry have made it almost impossible to work with our existing simulation - the result was that our investigations changed from a very detailed point of view to a faster and dirtier analysis. In addition, the animation and 3D visualisation is getting increasingly important when design issues need to be discussed with various stakeholders who are not familiar with simulation.
All these limitations led us to the decision to buy a new simulation tool, which is based on the latest generation of simulation technology: Our choice was CAST."

Marcel Plaum, Fraport, Germany


Fantastic CAST user support

“We completed our T2 project in the middle of November. The support that was provided was absolutely fantastic. It was a very successful project for us and I was really happy that we completed a project internally in conjunction with our airline client that they had wanted to use external consultants for.”

Jean Halpin, Dublin Airport Authority, Ireland


Optimised investments by using simulation

"Since CPH is planning modifications to the international check-in area within the next years, a simulation study should prove the planned layout of the different expansion phases and visualize the capacity impact. Especially with the help of 3D simulation videos, the future scenarios could be visualised for the organization to easily understand drawbacks and advantages of the different layout alternatives and identify bottlenecks or potential “dead areas”. As a result CPH has been able to considerably reduce investment cost that would have otherwise been put into expanding the terminal area to an extent that is not yet needed. The collaboration with ARC’s experts was very efficient and pleasant. They always responded very flexible and quickly to our requests. The simulation results were summarised in a meaningful presentation that gave important input to our decision process."

Thomas Hoff Andersson, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark


Knowledge and experience in the aviation sector

"Our experience with the Airport Research Center GmbH has been very positive, both through their support and development of CAST, but also through demonstrating their knowledge and experience in the aviation sector. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending their services to you."

Chris Pickard, London Heathrow Airport, Great Britain


Intelligent new thinking

"We have been working with ARC for almost 10 years now. It has been a pleasure to see how the company has developed from a small start-up to a full blown aviation consultancy with a large of products and capabilities. We have given ARC many difficult challenges, such as how to determine CDM benefits or how to model and demonstrate the impact of Total Airport Management. ARC has always responded with intelligent new-thinking and development of their toolset and skills. It is great fun to work with them."

Peter Eriksen, Head of Airport Research, EUROCONTROL


Reliable and comprehensive results

"ARC exhibited an innovative, practical approach and professional expertise. The dialogue between the experts of ARC and our local experts led to reliable and comprehensible results providing us valuable indicators on very complex issues. Since we are convinced of the competence of ARC and moreover appreciated our collaboration in all respects, we would appreciate to work with the ARC team again and to establish a further and continuous cooperation."

Tomas Rohlena and Libor Kurzweil, Prague Airport, Czech


Well based knowledge and relevant understanding of architectural and constructional issues

"I would like to express our more than positive experience with ARC’s well based knowledge in the aviation sector, which also includes terminal processes and relevant understanding, if architectural as well as constructional issues are associated with this. Having worked on behalf of Düsseldorf Airport on a number of occasions in the past, most recently, ARC supported us with their consulting service for the optimisation and refinement of existing and planned terminal layouts with regards to new EU legislations as well as with their understanding of space requirements for individual and succeeding terminal processes required for smooth operation."

Andreas Stock, Head of Planning and Construction, Düsseldorf Airport, Germany


Proficient consulting services

"Airport Research Center GmbH has presented the Oslo Lufthavn AS since 2007 with proficient consulting services in respect to our Airport Expansion Programm. Owing to our positive experience with the company Airport Research Center GmbH, as well as their well based knowledge in the aviation sector, I do not hesitate in recommending their services."

Helge G. Borgnes, Oslo Gardermoen Airport, Norway


Optimisation of existing and new terminal layouts

"Airport Research Center GmbH has worked in behalf of Cologne Bonn Airport, on a number of occasions in the past. Most recently ARC supported us with the analysis of layouts and functional aspects of an existing terminal building, in order to optimise and refine the existing and new terminal layouts in regard to new EU legislations relating to future security control requirements. Concluding, it is with sincere conviction that we recommend Airport Research Center GmbH."

Silke Horemanns and Anne Kauermann, Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany


Innovative methodology

"The operator decided to develop a bespoke system. ARC and it’s then partner T-Systems software proposal impressed BAA by its innovative methodology, flexibility, speed, ease of use and 3-D output capability. This was when the CAST Terminal Simulation platform was born, in co-operation between BAA and ARC."

Jason Zhang, BAA, Great Britain


Future proof approach

"Due to the innovative and future proof approach to simulation software Airport Research Center was contracted to develop CAST ApronControl - a planning, visualization and simulation system for ATC facilities - in close co-operation with Frankfurt's operational experts. Today CAST ApronControl is in daily use at Fraport's planning department. Permanent applications are for example simulations of view conditions from every point of the airport, estimations of planned constructions and evaluations of maximum building heights."

"We are very pleased with the value CAST ApronControl has added to our company and the decisive and competitive advantage it has given. It speeds up planning processes, increases planning reliability, simplifies operating procedures and provides comprehensive results."

"The flexibility and quality of support offered by the ARC - particularly shown during regular project meetings and workshops - is impressing."

Joern Muthmann, Frankfurt Airport, Germany


Simulation specialists

"WheelTug plc is pleased to announce the release of a new aircraft ground handling simulation produced by Airport Research Center GmbH. The simulation, produced using ARC's Comprehensive Airport Simulation Tool (CAST), compares the aircraft taxi-in, taxi-out and ground handling process between a commercial aircraft equipped with WheelTug®, and an aircraft utilizing engines and ground tug for taxi and pushback. The simulation is quite detailed, and we're proud to be working with airport and simulation specialists of ARC's expertise."

Isaiah Cox, WheelTug, Gibraltar


Highly informative 3D animation for efficient communication and quick decision making

"Whilst applying the high-end 3D simulation tool CAST, relevant process steps were realistically simulated, analysed and visualized in detail for all our future transport logistic requirements. Due to ARC experts' suggestions for the precise analysis and sophisticated optimization, a high planning reliability as well as fast project progress was achieved, with significant cost savings as a result. The descriptive and highly informative 3D animation of traffic processes allowed for efficient communication and quick decision making processes for the design team as well as in discussions with the relevant authorities.

The work was in full compliance with set dead-line and budget, whilst presenting the highest quality of results. In addition, ARC supported us throughout this period regarding any questions we had. The collaboration with the ARC was for us both professionally, economically and personally more than agreeable."

Alfred Winkelmann, Gütersloh Recycling Centre


All in one hand solution

"I would like to express our positive experience with the company Airport Research Center GmbH, a company acting far beyond the limits of traditional consulting and engineering activities, who offered their tested and trusted expertise for the sustainable development and design of our new terminal extension building.

The standalone terminal extension for Kharkov International Airport has been operational since November 2010. The terminal does not only reflect ARC‘s vast knowledge in the aeronautical field but also ARC‘s possibility to offer an all in one hand solution.
Thus, presenting Kharkov International Airport with a tailor made Low Cost High Quality (LCHQ) Terminal design, which I am delighted to say, was not only built on time but within the initial cost estimate made by ARC‘s experts.

Concluding, it is with sincere conviction that I want to recommend Airport Research Center GmbH to you. If you would like further elaboration, do not hesitate to contact me."

Volodymyr V. Vasylchenko, Kharkov International Airport, Ukraine