Simulation Projects (All)

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Terminal and Pedestrian Simulation

icon_auh Abu Dhabi Airport – Capacity Assessment and Optimisation
icon_dxb_t2 Dubai International Airport – Capacity Assessment of Terminal 2
icon_dus_security Düsseldorf International Airport – Capacity Optimisation of Security Controls
icon_haj_terminal Hannover Airport - Ressource Allocation and Feasibility Study
icon_cph Copenhagen Airport - Check-In Simulation
icon_osl_t1 Oslo Gardermoen Airport – Capacity Assessment of Check-In at Terminal 1
icon_osl_railway Oslo Gardermoen Airport – Analysis of Airport Railway Station
icon_trd Trondheim Airport Vaernes - Simulation of Check-In and Security Controls
icon_kiev_1 Kiev Stadium – Analysis of Person Flows in Emergency Situations
icon_baa-cast Development of Terminal Simulation Tool CAST on behalf of BAA
icon_cdm Terminal of the Future - Airport CDM on behalf of Eurocontrol
icon muc blue

Munich Airport - Capacity Analysis of Terminal 1

Airside and Logistic Simulation

icon_masterp Berlin Brandenburg International Airport – Airside Simulation Study
icon_dhl DHL Hub at Leipzig Airport – Simulation of Ground Handling Processes
icon_cast_apron_control Major European Airport - Airside Flow Simulation Study
icon_osl_deicing Oslo Gardermoen Airport – De-Icing Analysis
icon_castairstr Prague Airport - Study of new Runway Layout
icon_dusairside Düsseldorf International Airport - Integrated Optimisation of the Airside Infrastructure
icon_a380 Studies considering the Launch of the A380 on behalf of Airbus
gwg_icon Gütersloh Recycling Centre - Optimisation of the Traffic Management and the Weighing Processes
icon_cdm2 CAST Simulation and Airport CDM-Development on behalf of Eurocontrol
icon dman Eurocontrol - Departure Manager Validation Study - Analysis of real Traffic Data to identify the potential Benefit of a DMAN (Departure Manager)
icon cast apron Eurocontrol - SESAR Validation Study - CAST Total Airport Simulation including CDM Time stamps
icon cgn cargo blue Cologne Bonn Airport - Examination of Apron Capacity under Special Consideration of Apron Areas Cargo West
icon tower blue Free Flight - New ATC-Concepts for Europe, Determination of Traffic and Conflict Potentials Using Fast-Time Simulation of the Entire German Airspace,
German Air Traffic Control (DFS)
icon tower blue Free Flight - RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima), New ATC-Concepts for Europe Under Consideration of Reduced Vertical Separation Minima,
German Air Traffic Control (DFS)
icon obstacles blue Examination of Obstacles at Civil Airfields in North Rhine-Westphalia, Ministry for Traffic, Energy and Land Planning of North Rhine-Westphalia

Airport Planning and Design

icon_lchq_v2 "Low Cost High Quality Terminal" with Kharkov Airport
icon_masterp Berlin Brandenburg International Airport - Design of Master Plan
icon_syd Sydney Airport - Development of Master Plan
icon_ayt Antalya Airport - Airport Development Concept
icon_aer Sochi Airport - Master Planning
icon_str_master Stuttgart Airport - Master Planning
icon_fratower Frankfurt Airport - Tower Planning
icon haj blue Hannover Airport - Determination of the Required Terminal Facilities, Master Plan 2010 on behalf of Albert Speer & Partner GmbH
icon dus blue Düsseldorf International Airport - Draft Master Plan Study 2010
icon dme blue Moscow Domodedovo Airport - Examination of the Existing Terminal and Design for the Expansion of the Terminal, Baggage System and Development of Curbside
icon architecture Award Winning Project: First Prize for the Architectural Design and Terminal Extension of a Terminal at Keflavik Airport, Government of Iceland

Market Analysis and Forecast

icon_cgn_traffic Cologne Bonn Airport -Traffic Forecast
icon_muc_traffic Munich Airport - Traffic Forecast
icon_nrn Niederrhein Airport - Traffic Forecast
icon_bes Brest Airport - Traffic Forecast
icon mpumalanga blue Mpumalanga International Airport - Traffic Forecast on behalf of ABB Equity Ventures
icon drs blue Dresden Airport - Traffic Forecast

Software Development

icon cast terminal CAST Terminal - Passenger Terminal Simulation
icon cast vehicle CAST Vehicle - Vehicle Traffic Simulation
icon cast aircraft CAST Aircraft - Aircraft Traffic Simulation
icon osl deicing CAST Stand Allocation - Aircraft Stand Planning
gwg icon CAST Curbside - Airport Access and Parking
icon osl t1 CAST+ - Virtual Airport Operational Test and Training Platform
icon_castap CAST ApronControl - Planning & Simulation of ATC Facilities
icon_castc CAST Cabin - Simulation of Boarding Processes
icon_castg CAST GroundHandling – Simulation of Ground Handling Processes
icon_castped CAST Pedestrian - Simulation of Pedestrian Flows
icon softdev OSP - OLS Planner
icon rdo RDO - RWY Optimiser
icon tpo TPO - Tower Position Optimiser
icon_elo Runway Exit Location Optimiser
icon_dman IADS - Integrated Arrival and Departure Sequencer - AMAN/DMAN
icon haj blue BagPlan - Design of Baggage Handling Systems